• It’s a pleasure to announce XXIII YUinfo 2017 conference that will be held from 12-15th March 2017, on Kopaonik.

    In the last twenty years, with help of conference attendees and friends, we were trying and we managed to gather information and communication technology experts, who contributed to development of scientific and business community in our country, thanks to their scientific work and innovations.

    Reputable professors from abroad with various presentations participated and enriched conference program. Many European and international projects were presented through workshops and gave an insight how to enlarge presence of our country in international projects.

    Program areas for paper submission are:
    • eSociety
    • Information systems
    • Software development and tools
    • Artificial intelligence and computer simulation
    • Data protection
    • Computer networks and telecommunications
    • Computer hardvers and systems
    • Legal aspects and data privacy
    • Computer applications

    Special programs:
    • IoT
    • IT implementation in agriculture

    Panel discussion:
    The challenges of modern marketing in IT sector

    On Kopaonik, from 12-15th March 2017, will be organized international IT programs in the area of IT business, science, media and experts from Serbia and Europe will have presentations as a part of this program. More than 150 papers, workshops and panel discussions and more of 300 attendees will be part of YU info 2017 conference. Last year YUinfo and ICIST conferences were one of most successful conferences with 197 papers from 28 countries.

    At the same time on Kopaonik will be held 7th International conference ICIST 2017 – International Conference on Internet Society Technology that gather experts in the area of Internet technology. Official conference language is english, and selected papers will be published in magazine special edition from SCI list. This year is published special edition of COMSIS magazine volume12, No3, 2015 with selected papers from ICIST conference.

    We invite you to participate at ICIST conference as paper author, attendee or company representative, and to share with us your experience and practice from information communication technology.