Paper submission

  • YUinfo 2018 conference and international ICIST 2018 conference invite all IT experts and academic staff to submit professional and scientific papers with original and practical or theoretical research results of interest for experts from the filed of paper subject. We also invite you to submit the papers with implementation of theoretical methods in solving concrete engineering problems, with presentation of new practical solutions and devices, results of experimental researches, new application of known solutions etc. Papers for YUinfo conference should be submitted in serbian or english, and for ICIST 2018 conference only in english.

    For YUinfo and ICIST 2018 conference submitted papers has to contain content that wasn’t published or displayed in any other way. Submitted papers have to contain scientific, professional or applied results of authors. Published results can’t violate copyrights of other individuals or organizations. Although all papers will be reviewed, authors are responsible for publication rights, originality and papers’ quality. Participants may submit presentation of other authors or institutions, participation in research and review papers from various fields.

    Every participant can be presented only two times as author or co-author of submitted paper. Papers have to be written and presented in english or serbian language. Papers which are submitted on time and according to Instructions for authors will be accepted and reviewed. Instruction for authors can be downloaded here.

    Paper will be presented at the conference and published in magazine after authorization of program committee and after paying conference fee until February 24th 2018.

    Program areas for paper submission are:

    • eSociety
    • Information systems
    • Software development and tools
    • Artificial intelligence and computer simulation
    • Data protection
    • Computer networks and telecommunications
    • Computer hardware and systems
    • Legal aspects and data privacy
    • Computer applications

    Papers written according to Instruction for writing papers should to be submitted at the following link