Presenters and program

  • Keynote speakers:


    Ms Michela Magas, AIOTI (EU Alliance for IoT Innovation) Communication Officer, Stromatolite LTD founder and director, UK

    Michela Magas has a track record of over 20 years of innovation working with companies such as Apple, Nike and Nokia. She is the founder of, an ecosystem of over 5000 creative innovators and scientific researchers, and is the author of #MusicBricks, a project that places exclusive tools from research into the hands of creative developers and makers, and takes them to market. Her initiatives have created over 5M impacts on social media and yielded multiple patents and productisations in a very short time, generating their own innovation ecosystems.

    Michela is on the CAF Advisory Board of the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme, both at meta level regarding future directions for the ICT research programme, and more specifically on Innovation, the Internet of Things and the Creative Industries. She has been awarded Innovation Luminary 2016 by the European Commission and Intel Labs Europe, and is currently leading Innovation Ecosystems for the European Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation.


    Prof. Theo Kanter, Stockholm University, Sweden

    Theo’s research interests concern methods for sharing and utilizing context from sensor and user information in heterogeneous networks to enable adaptive & context‐aware mobile services.

    During his career, Theo has held a number of leading positions in telecommunications research, earlier at Ellemtel AB, Sweden (1996‐1999), where he led research in agent‐based service architectures for context‐aware voice services on the Internet. Between 1999 and 2007, Theo was a senior scientist at Ericsson Research in the area of Service Layer Technologies focusing on Adaptive Mobile Services and Mobile Presence. In September 2007, Theo was appointed full Professor of Computer Science in the area of Distributed Systems within the Department of Information Technology and Media at the Mid Sweden University. In this position, he was the driving force of a new research group focused on Sensor‐Based Services and co‐leader of the Sensible Things that Think (STC) center at the Mid Sweden University. As a member of the Acreo National (fiber‐optic) Testbed he established a platform for supporting and creating applications that utilize ad‐hoc Context Networks via heterogeneous networks, and selected in several IoT & Cloud related testbeds in EU projects. As of 2012, he was appointed Unit Director within DSV and successfully applied to the position of Senior Lecturer. Theo was promoted to Professor of Computer Science at SU in January 2013. His research activities and research group are organized within the Immersive Participation research area initiated by Theo and in international research networks pivotal to the formation of new FP7 projects, building upon the strengths of national and international collaboration.

    Kanter is an associate editor of IEEE Computer Communications magazine, and technical committee member / (co‐)organizer of many well‐known international conferences on wireless & mobile computing and applications, such as: IEEE Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks (MWCN), International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC), IEEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN), and IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC). Research interests Methods for sharing and utilizing context from sensor and user information in heterogeneous networks to enable adaptive & context‐aware mobile services.


    Invited speakers:


    Professor Komlen Lalović,
    PhD in IT Golden Mind CEO
    Presentation: Device for biometric identification of parenthood

    Komlen Lalovic with his 33 years over 20 years in IT Sector. He is already PhD in
    Computer Science and Assistant professor at University. Komlen went throw all
    roles in Software development and now after Senior Java developer and Project
    Manager he is founder and CEO of Golden Mind LLC, ICT Company for software
    development and consulting in ICT.
    Komlen is innovator of a Patent – Device for biometric identification of Maternity-Parenthood
    registered in Serbia and in Wipo Geneve as PCT. Patent device has purpose to guarantee identity of
    each newborn baby based on fingerprint minutiae. This is solution fist of its kind in world today with
    qualitative research based on it.
    Komlen is also Professor on ITS and Project Manager at Quantox technology. He is author of more
    than 10 publications within ICT conferences and journals, two on SCI list.
    He is awarded with Belgrade year laureate for science in 2015th for its innovation.

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