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  • Nikola Šerbedžija, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany


    Dr. Nikola Šerbedžija works at Fraunhofer FOKUS where he is responsible for new research activities and innovative technology. He was a visiting professor at University of Technology Sydney (1999-2000) and at University of Arts, Berlin (2000 – 2007). His major research areas are: Adaptive Control, Pervasive Adaptation, Ubiquitous Computing, Middleware Architectures, and Internet Programming (E-Systems), mostly applied within embedded and real-time systems, ambient assistance, E-Systems and empathic systems. Recently he has been involved in several initiatives that consider technology impacts and ethical issues.

    As a principle designer he led the developments of a number of practical control systems for vehicular, in- and out-door infrastructures [leading REFLECT project] and autonomous control [ASCENS project]. He is a member of IFIP2.4 Working Group, advisory board member for several EU initiatives and an EU expert for evaluating and reviewing FP7/H2020 proposals/projects. He is the author of more than 100 scientific articles and he held numerous tutorials and key notes at scientific events.

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